A Lesson I've Recently Learned

Recently, I've been really considering the ways in which we put ourselves first... or more often than not... last. 

I'm constantly worried about being judged by the people around me. I ask myself daily, "As a grown woman, should I be wearing more makeup?" or "If I share something on Facebook, are people going to get bored with me?" 

But the thing is... we teach our children that none of that matters. When somebody has had an unpleasant run-in with a coworker, we affirm our friend with the reality that it doesn't matter... that it will be okay. So why can't we tell ourselves the same thing? 

This may seem a little off-kilter for a custom shop, and perhaps a bit more philosophical than you were expecting, but as I curated the "worthy" box over the last few weeks and got ready to launch it, I began to really consider these question with a bit more earnest approach. 

So can I be honest with you? Do the things you want to do. Love yourself and who you are. It's hard... but reminders like this can help. I hope that it helps you! 



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