Custom Swimsuit FAQs!

Custom Swimsuit FAQs!

I don't use this blog near enough!! (I need to change that...) 

But for now, since there have been a lot of questions about swimsuits and options, it seems like a pretty good place to collect some of the frequently asked questions and to help you know a little bit more about the deposit/pre-order process for this week! 

You can always reach out via Facebook, Instagram, or email too! 


Q: Can you make __________ kind of swim suit? 

A: Short answer: yes! (It's usually always yes around here!!) I have a dozen or more swimsuit styles available and customs are always designed to your specifications - in either kids' or women's. 


Q: What happens if you don't have the kind of suit I'm looking for? 

A: I can always do what's called "pattern-mashing." This means, if you like those sleeves, and that back, and that top, I can take those elements and create a wholly custom piece for you. This is reflected in the typical price list -- and will depend on the suit you're wanting. 


Q: What are your suits made out of? 

A: Each suit will have the swim material (although this differs), a lining, and depending on your preference, we can add cups and/or a shelf bra. We can also add powernet (think tummy control panel). The suit pictured here has swim bra cups sewn directly into the lining. 


Q: How will we decide on a style? 

A: By purchasing one of the preorder spots, you are reserving design consultation time and putting money towards your suit. After purchase, I will contact you and we'll get to work designing your swimsuit! 


Q: What is the turnaround time on a custom swimsuit? 

A: If you choose a fabric from options I have on-hand, it's 3-4 weeks. If you choose a fabric that we special order it can be up to 8 weeks. In order to keep the time between when you order and when it's delivered short, each drop will be a limited number of available spots. I will open up additional spots the following month.


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