The Next Big Thing

Well, in the two months since I posted the “Starter’s Guide” there has been a huge boom in the online sewing community! Designers are developing designer specific files, home sewists around the world are trying out different set-ups and figuring out what works the best for them. Getting connected to this community (and the new cutting table that Britain built for me in January!) inspired me to update my own projector set-up.

 projector set up

I’ll upload another post about the changes I’ve made and the new specs, but I want to take a minute to spotlight the Projectors for Sewing group and their amazing admins! This group has blown up to over 5,000 people very quickly and is primarily focused on helping folks figure out how to make the most of their space, their budget, and their sewing time!

If you are at all interested in projectors or curious about what you can do with a home projector, I highly recommend checking out this group! There are lots of places on Facebook (and the farther flung internet) where it’s difficult to have a constructive conversation. This group, along with many of the other groups in the sewing community, is focused 100% on helping each other. It’s a breath of fresh air and I’m so grateful to Missy Pore for putting the group together!


Come over and check it out!

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