About the Back to Basics Boxes

How do the "boxes" work?

Each box will feature a large and small size for adults, with a la carte options available if you don't want to purchase the whole box. (An accompanying kid's box will typically also be offered, pending interest.) The boxes will be a combination of custom items made by our shop and other artisan items from other handmade shops. Some items will be customizable and some items will be a mystery, although you can always leave notes at checkout and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

There will be an opportunity to pre-order 4 weeks ahead of the box delivery date for a discounted, bundled price. If there are any materials available beyond the pre-orders, they will be offered at a retail price after pre-order boxes have been shipped. 

**May's box is being offered as a limited release, ready to ship option!
**August will be a preorder, since there are more custom sewn items in it!


What kinds of items will be featured in the boxes?

Oh, do we have some surprises waiting for you! 

Each of the 4 boxes has it's own theme, a word that you can use to set an intention for that quarter, to spoil yourself with some basics, or to completely ignore and just enjoy what's in the box!

We carefully curated each box to be full of handmade goodies - some from us and some from others! By offering them as boxes and pre-orders, we've been able to bundle some valuable goodies into a lower price point than would be available otherwise. 


Great! How do I order a box?

Visit the Back to Basics Collection to see what's currently available. 

When the pre-order window opens, we'll add an active listing and a date range for that box. If you want sneak peeks about what's inside, head on over to our VIP Facebook Group

Our biggest challenge in 2020 was keeping a low turnaround time for custom orders. By switching to these coordinated orders, the goal is to lower turnaround time for customers and still delivery high quality, customized orders!

You will still always use our website to order ready-to-ship or custom orders, as well as continue to schedule design consultations and browse for ideas!