What We're Doing To Stay Safe

We are a home-based business in the State of Maryland. Our family has been practicing self-isolation and working from home since mid-March. Most of our supplies are also coming from small, home-based businesses. 


For those who have purchased masks, thank you again for trusting me with your order. In this surreal moment in history, a global pandemic, we’re learning it takes a whole community coming together to make a difference.

To reiterate, I make no claim as to the efficacy of these masks. There are no medical grade components included, however, I have produced them based on the Wake Forest study, as reported by NBC News.

We have expanded our offerings to include a variety of shapes and styles in an effort to help folks find what works for them. Options also include available nose pieces and we have filters available for sale. 

Remember, masks are not meant to substitute for social distancing and isolation practices. Think of them as a tool in helping to slow the spread of the virus. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home. For those of you that are essential and still venturing out to work and to keep the rest of us fed, cared for, and sane… thank you for all you’re doing. 

I do hope you’ll turn to Connect the Dots in the future – for some non-pandemic accessories!

Stay safe and healthy! 

 Updated June 26, 2020.