Which mask should I order?

We know that as wearing masks becomes the "new normal," it can be overwhelming to find the ones that fit comfortably, have the features you need, and are affordable.

Use this guide to help you figure out which option is right for you! 



(Alternatively, you can choose to purchase our Custom Fit Face Mask package, where you'll get a design consultation, tailored fit, trial mask, and final options made specifically to your measurements!) 



After 1000+ handmade masks, we've figured out a thing or two, and our refreshed options reflect the feedback we've received from our customers. 

First you'll choose your style, then size (if applicable), elastic or ties, and any additional options you'd like. To see a video demonstration of these options, check out our Facebook page!


We are offering 3 styles (pictured below):

  • Pleated Mask (standard 6 inches tall, pictured with twill tape, left, and head elastic, right)
pleated mask
  • Bat Wing Mask (three size options, pictured with filters)
 bat wing mask
  • Fitted Mask (three size options) 
    [image missing]


There are options for elastic or ties (pictured below, left to right):

  • fabric ties (+ $0.50)
  • 1/8" adjustable elastic (ear or head) 
  • cotton twill tape ($0.50)
tie options


    Finally, there are a few "add on" options.

    You can add a nose piece or semi-reusable charcoal filters. You can also choose whether you would like a three layer mask (2x quilting cotton, 1x cotton flannel) instead of the default pocket mask. 



    Still unsure? Send us a message on Facebook or an email at connectthedotscustoms@gmail.com and we'll get back to you to discuss available options!