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2 pc - Phenomenal Women Chocolates

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Gift or grab for yourself! This box of 2 artisanal chocolates from Chouquette makes an amazing treat for any time! 

A crew of nine of our favorite phenomenal women grace the tops of our chocolates, plus inspirational quotes!

...Run for office, inspire a movement, kick a little butt...

Assortment possibilities: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Reese Witherspoon, Michele Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres.

Perfect Vanilla Bean Caramel with Fleur de Sel crystals sprinkled inside a dark chocolate shell. 

Remember, every purchase supports employment of individuals living with intellectual differences.

Want a specific saying or face? You can leave 2 specific requests in the notes! We'll do our best to accommodate all requests!

Made in Maryland. Expires May 2022. 


Check out our Celebrate Small Shops page for more info on Choquette. 

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