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3 oz Tin Candles

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Add a sprinkle of scent into your home with these 3oz candles from the Happy Little Flame Candle Co. 

These are the perfect size to sample their candles or to rotate the scent based on your mood, the weather... or whatever! 

Options on this listing include some of their classically unique scents, and a few labels from their Conversation Collection. 


Interested in a larger candle or other options? Let's make it happen! Contact us today to discuss other available offerings.


Scents in stock (more available for order): 

BLOOMING LILAC - fresh lilacs

CARIBBEAN TEAKWOOD - teakwood, tobacco leaf, sandalwood

*NEW* CLEAN COCONUT - City-chic blend with notes of citrus, jasmine, lavender, musk, and lily of the valley.

FARMHOUSE KITCHEN - apple, grapefruit, and mangosteen

*NEW* LEMON DROP - Fresh squeezed lemon and sugar

MAHOGANY BEACH - Warm exotic notes of shea, almond, amber, sandalwood, and coconut. 

SUGARED MAGNOLIA - Magnolia, vanilla, musk 



Materials: soy/coconut candle (natural, clean, non-toxic, vegan, eco-friendly, and 100% free of additive, dyes, and phthalates.) 

Check out more information about the woman-owned and handmade Happy Little Flame on our brands page!