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The Starfish Project

Gold Starfish Community Necklace

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The Starfish Project Community Necklace perfectly illustrates our mission to focus on each individual woman affected by exploitation.
Partner with us and share the Starfish story as
you wear the Community Necklace set. This set
features two separate necklaces that can be
mixed or matched, or worn alone for a minimalist
look. The shortest necklace features a dainty
starfish, while the longer features a circular
charm with a starfish cutout.

Box size and color may vary.
Materials: 14k gold plated stainless steel starfish
necklace set.
Size: Both necklaces are 15-17 inches long. The
circle pendant is 0.8 inches and the starfish
pendant is 0.3 inches. Adjustable.
Hypoallergenic; lead and cadmium free with
nickel content less than 100 ppm

The Starfish Project is a handmade jewelry company that has an amazing mission: they help exploited women and girls experience freedom, establish independence and develop careers.

Working primarily with women from Asia, The Starfish Project builds relationships and friendships with women and should they choose to leave their situations, provides them support, closes education gaps, and even offers business training.

Since 2006, they have been growing and expanding their reach to offer freedom and independence to women who have been trafficked and/or exploited in sex work.

They have a variety of beautiful pieces. Some give an identical piece to women experiencing exploitation as a symbol of hope; all of them support their mission. They are a part of the Federation of Fair Trade and a registered 501(c3).