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Connect the Dots Customs

Running Leggings

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Having workout clothes that fit well and make you want to get out there is critical! Here's your chance to add something to your wardrobe to help you "run happy!" 

These leggings are custom-made, just for you! Choose your print and color and delivery date.

These leggings feature a straight panel with a pocket, and have a high waist.

Style A is full print (not pictured), with a small waistband pocket.  

Style B (pictured), is the print down the side panel, with a larger square pocket. 

Have something else in mind? Interested in a whole capsule or a matching top? Shoot us a message or an email and we'll get you set up! 


(Pictured in "Golden Anniversary" print. Contact for availability of this print.) 

Materials: printed athletic fabric, 280gsm, 85% poly, 15% spandex

Expected delivery: choose delivery month when you add to cart.